[Idle-dev] KeyConfig, KeyBinding and other related issues.

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Jun 11 09:31:34 CEST 2014

On 6/11/2014 2:39 AM, Saimadhav Heblikar wrote:
> The following are the issues related to shortcuts, keybinding dialog,
> where the shortcuts are set and config-keys.def where the shortcuts
> are stored.

Great: I have been collecting a list of configuration and especially 
keybinding issues, with the thought of suggesting this as a coherent 
group of issues you could work on.

3068: extension CONFIG dialog, Tal new PATCH, review
12274: CONFIG syntax error crash
12387: CONFIG KEYboard shortcuts
4765: CONFIG custom KEYset deletion, patch fixes (Mark)
11437: CONFIG-KEY type causes crash; startup is inefficient. Serwy patch
1517993: CONFIG KEY and Macs: (me) Alt to Meta (closed)
20580: CONFIG KEY and and Macs
694339: dedenting with shift-tab CONFIG KEY

I just added 21519. Related ideas I have not opened issues for:

Save config-KEYs sorted on disk instead of when present in CONFIG 
DIALOG. Would be much easier to read, just a matter of when sort.

Make CONFIG DIALOG wide enough for all KEY definitions. Also lengthen.

Change some names so they sort better: possible example region-dedent, 
region-indent instead of dedent-region, indent-region.

Since I have a backlog of new test files to review, + Tal's 
config-extensions patch (+ a patch by Lita), I was about to suggest that 
you find something like this (configuration and keybinding) to work on 
that Tal knows better than me, and could help you with.

It would be great to fix some of these issues that have dragged on for 
years. If either of you think that some fixes need deeper changes than 
the typical surface patches, please say so so we can discuss. The better 
we make the tests, the more confidently we can consider refactorings.

I will look at the specifics below tomorrow. I would like to see Tal's 
comments either by email or on the tracker.


> 1) Issue12387: Very simple way to reproduce the bug:
> With/without CAPS, Ctrl + x key, performs Cut action(windows keyset).
> This is agreeable because both those keybindings are set. The bindings
> are
> <Control-Key-x> and <Control-Key-X>
> But, with/without CAPS, Ctrl + Shift + x key also performs Cut action.
> The bindings are <Control-Shift-Key-x> and <Control-Shift-Key-X>
> *Workaround*:
> Bind the redundant <Control-Shift-Key-x> and <Control-Shifrt-Key-X> to
> <<do-nothing>>.(already exists).
> This has to be done for all existing <Ctrl+[A-Z][a-z]> key combinations.
> For sake of completeness, If the user wants Control + Shift + *x key*,
> we have to remove both from <<do-nothing>> keybinding and add it to
> whatever binding that the user wants.
> This has to be done in the current validity checking method or a new
> parsing method.
> I have tested this solution, and am convinced it would work.
>   2) Issue11437: Its hard to explain this issue in short. Please read the issue
> at http://bugs.python.org/issue11437
> Workaround:
> This is easy to solve, if we use the solution from issue12387. With
> the parser method, both "simple" and "advanced" dialogs will be
> parsed, and we will have a 1-to-1 mapping.
> For the case when someone tries to directly "hand-edit" the config
> files, with http://bugs.python.org/issue21696 and tests for the parser
> method in place, we should able to raise an earlier, ideally before
> IDLE starts. We should also be able to pinpoint where the error
> occurs.
> 3) Issue20580: This does not involve coding, but is about providing
> platform specific default config. This can only be done, once we agree
> on 1 and 2.
> 4) Issue21519: Again dependent on 1 and 2. Not too sure, if it is
> going to be an issue with 1 and 2. If we go ahead with 2, and have a
> parser method which is testable, we can also validate the "advanced"
> dialog.
> For other issues which are caused by typo in config,
> http://bugs.python.org/issue21696 along with testable parser method
> should catch them.
> -----------------
> I plan to work on these issues in test driven style as suggested by
> Tal Einat, especially keeping in mind the above issues, their current
> outcome and the required outcome.

PS. For me, feedback after every 'code unit' change* makes coding more 
fun. I hope my F5 key doesn't wear out '-).

*a minimal change that should increase or restore passing tests.

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