[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] lurker question

Richard Jones richard.jones@bom.gov.au
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 01:49:17 GMT

Hi all,
	I've been lurking on-and-off here for a while mainly out of curiosity.  
Now it's time to actually see if I can make use of the imaging software.

	My intended application involves using 3 10-bit (8-bit if necessary) 
greyscale images, interactively applying some hysteresis (and occasionally 
some other modifications) and using those as the R, G and B channels for a 
24-bit colour image.  The greyscale images can be quite large - around 2Mb 

	Specifically, we've got meteorological satellite data coming in and we 
use 1 or 2 infrared channels and the visible channel to fake a colour 
picture.  Given that we're not working with true RGB channels, it can take 
quite a lot of interactive fiddling to get a suitably realistic colour 

	Has anyone done anything like this?  Is it possible with PIL in its 
current state (I have a feeling that the answer is no)?  If not, are there 
any ideas when it will be possible?

	Getting something like this going in Python will help its acceptance here 
incredibly - escpecially if the `application' (python code) is small (fast 
would be good too).


Richard Jones,  Satellite Section at the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia.
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