ivan tkatchev ivantk@hotmail.com
8 Dec 1996 22:12:45 -0000

I have just gotten PIL 0.2b2 and already there is a major
bug. I can't compile the "libImaging" part of the distribution --
i.e. the part that doesn't actually require Python.

I have just upgraded to libjpeg 6.0, using the redhat RPM's,
and now I get these errors:

gcc -O -I./. -I/usr/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -c JpegDecode.c -o JpegDecode.o
JpegDecode.c:33: syntax error before `void'
JpegDecode.c:39: syntax error before `boolean'
JpegDecode.c:46: syntax error before `void'
JpegDecode.c:66: syntax error before `void'
JpegDecode.c:87: syntax error before `void'
make: *** [JpegDecode.o] Error 1

It seems like 'METHODDEF' in JpegDecode.c is causing the trouble.

Please, help me if you have any ideas.

I am running Linux 2.0, i586, GCC 2.7.0. I have Python 1.4.

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