[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] [PREANNOUNCEMENT] netCDF reader for the matrix and image extensions

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 11:51:01 +0200

Just a little teaser ;-)

I've pulled together a netCDF reader that doesn't need any C library:

	data = NetCdfDataFile.open("dataset.cdf")

	# list variables
	print "variables:", data.keys()

	# global attributes
	print "global attributes:", data.attr.keys()

	# dump all variables in the file
	for i in data.keys():
	    var = data[i]
	    print i, data.type, data.shape
	    print "- data:", var[:]
	    if var.attr:
		print "- local attributes:", var.attr.keys()

It currently sports a slightly different interface compared to Bill
Noon's, but they can probably be unified.  And of course, to create or
modify netCDF files, you need to use the real library.

- The above module can be used with the Numerical extension to load
data as multidimensional arrays for further processing.

	var = data["foo"]
	foo = Numeric.array(var) # 1-dimensional
	foo.reshape(var.shape) # make n-dimensional

- It can also be used with the next version of PIL 0.2 in order to
load image data from netCDF files (PIL still supports 8-bit data only,
but you can use scale/offset to fit other data into the 0..255 range).

	# foo must be a 2-dimensional variable
	var = data["foo"]
	im = Image.new("L", var.shape)
	im.putdata(var, scale, offset)

I plan to release this with PIL 0.2.  Comments and flames are welcome.


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