[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] FITS images place in Module Space

Earl J Spillar spillar@uwyo.edu
Thu, 07 Mar 1996 09:22:21 -0700 (MST)

Fredrik Lundh said-

 	On the other hand, a FITS reader should probably 
	be part of PIL rather than some other module.  I've 
	already hacked a simple version, but haven't tested it 
	much.  Maybe your module could be plugged in

This makes sense.  I wasn't aware of PIL until these posts.
I'm not sure my module is all that useful yet-  it mostly 
deals with the header parts so far, and calls some legacy
free standing executables for data operations.  

	The Python Imaging Library, release 0.1, is nearly 
	completed, and I hope to release it within a few 
	weeks.  I've even written a handbook for it...

I'ld be very interested in seeing how the handbook!

Earl Spillar

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