[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Python Imaging Library on win32

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Wed, 8 May 1996 09:01:41 +0200

> 1 - has anyone tried PIL on a Win95/NT machine?

The core library (libImaging) builds cleanly, given an appropriate
ImConfig.h (last time I checked, at least :-).  Haven't had time to
set up a win32 development environment yet, so I'm not sure about the
bindings.  Cannot see why they shouldn't work, though...

> 2 - do you have any recommendations for an xv equivalent for Win95?

You could try "lviewpro".  Searching for lview in InfoSeek should help
you locate it in no time at all.

BTW, I hope to release 0.1 this weekend.  Lot's of file formats,
channel operations, a Tk interface, some utilities, Grail support, and
more...  Stay tuned.


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