FW: [PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Error Question

fbowie@resumix.com fbowie@resumix.com
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 13:56:17 -0800


I was using 1.4 (10/26/96) on a WIN 95 system.
I assume '_tkinter.dll' is the update to 'Tkinter.py'
Do I need to rename something?   Tried pdb but
it wasn't much help.   I have set the
TK and TCL env and put the other dll files where
you suggested.

From:  Fredrik Lundh[SMTP:Fredrik_Lundh@ivab.se]
Sent:  Tuesday, November 12, 1996 1:49 AM
To:  fbowie@resumix.com
Subject:  Re: [PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Error Question

> I just loaded you November 10th release.  If I try (or any program)   
> to load 'Tkinter' the following error shows up:
>   "ImportError:dynamic module does not define init function"

What Python (or PythonWin) version do you have?

I've tested the release with Python 1.4 myself, and others have tested
it with the most recent versions of PythonWin.  Don't know about older


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