[IMAGE-SIG] Font types with PIL

Fredrik Lundh fredrik.lundh@image.combitech.se
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 22:30:26 +0200

>There doesn't seem to be any support for fonts in 0.3a1,
>though only Fredrik knows what he's implemented for future releases.

Well, in fact there is some undocumented stuff in there:

1. there's a text method in the ImageDraw class. it takes a position,
   and a string, and draws it using a font specified with the setfont

2. the ImageFont module contains code to load fonts (generating
   instances suitable for setfont)

3. the bdf2pil.py script converts fonts in the BDF format (X window
   source fonts) to a format that can be read by ImageFont. You
   can find a bunch of BDF files in the X11R6 distribution, or extract
   them from an X server using the appropriate utilities.

I have some incomplete drivers for Mac and Windows raster formats
too, but they're not ready for release.

Don't know when I'll get time to release the next PIL release; things
related to books and PythonWare will occupy 142% of my time for the
next few weeks...

(And of course, all the stuff outlined by Andrew would of course be
really cool...)

Cheers /F

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