[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Announcing the Python Imaging Library, release 0.2b4 for Windows

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 19:09:00 +0100

Gott nytt =E5r, allihopa!

A binary distribution of PIL 0.2b4, for Windows 95/NT, is now
available at the usual place:


Lots of new stuff, including:

+ Plugged a number of serious memory leaks; PIL leaked lots of
  memory when loading PNG and tiled/striped TIFF images, and
  even more when saving images in any format.

+ PIL now reads nearly all formats that previous versions could
  only identify.  This includes FLI/FLC, MSP, PSD, TIFF w. pre-
  dictor, TGA, and XPM.  Decoders for compressed versions of SUN
  and TGA have also been added, but they are completely untested
  (samples of these formats would be very appreciated).

+ PIL now writes BMP, uncompressed GIF, and PNG.  It also writes
  uncompressed MSP files, but that's mainly by accident.

+ PIL now handles GIF and FLI animations.  Use the "player"
  script to view an animation.  The "gifmaker" script can be
  used to create uncompressed GIF animations.

+ PIL now allows you to control the quality when writing JPEG
  files.  You can also write progressive JPEG files.

+ The "image2py" script converts an image to a Python module.

And the usual crop of bugfixes and assorted hacks.  See the CHANGES
file for details.

The distributed version is linked with the external libraries required
to enable JPEG and PNG support.  A version of _tkinter.dll which
supports PIL are also included.

The source kit will be made available within short.

Cheers	/F

PS. Unisys employees and affiliates may still use this software
without charge, subject to the conditions in the software license
(see the README for details).  But according to modern business
practices, this may be "adjusted" at any time, and without notice;
and don't expect me to tell you the current conditions even if you
ask me ;-)

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