[IMAGE-SIG] Re: [MATRIX-SIG] propaganda

Aaron Watters arw@dante.mh.lucent.com
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:05:28 -0400

Is there any chance you can convince them
that Python is just another C library with which
to build tools? Maybe they'd be more receptive
if it isn't a black and white situation.

If you do, of course, I expect the other tools will
be able to sit back and let Python do most of the
work, however.

I may send you some email addresses privately.
The following come to mind:
   worldnet (att)
   industrial light and magic (ILM)
   ILU (xerox PARC)
   gstein@microsoft.com (this one I'll send publicly :) ).
There is a "who uses python" page at http://www.python.org
too.  -- Aaron Watters

From: Daniel Michelson <Daniel.Michelson@smhi.se>
To: guido@CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Cc: matrix-sig@python.org; image-sig@python.org
Subject: [MATRIX-SIG] propaganda
Date: Tuesday, July 29, 1997 9:37 AM


Python is already being used at NASA and we want it to get a foot in the
door at EUMETSAT too! We're involved in a very large project designed to
prototype the next generation methods and systems for processing
meteorological satellite data for all EUMETSAT members. We're part of a
consortium of European weather services of which we're the only ones
with any knowledge of and experience with Python. 

We're now faced with the task of convincing our partners that Python is
worth using. So far, the attitude seems to be that Python is assumed
"guilty" until proven "innocent"; the preferences among our collegues
are ANSI C and Fortran 77 administered by sh or ksh... :-(

There is a lot of good information at python.org but: 

If anyone has written a page or two (or more) previously on the benefits
of using Python when building a large distributed system, would you
please share it with me?

Please help! We don't want to be caught in a time warp and forced to use
old, slow methods!

best, -d

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