[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] PIL 0.3a1 now available

Fredrik Lundh fredrik.lundh@image.combitech.se
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 10:56:30 +0200

Jack asked:
> are your alpha and beta releases really alpha and beta? If they're
> all tested equally well and it's just a question of more features
> and such it might be better to adopt an 0.3.1 version numbering
> scheme

  The jump from 0.2b5 to 0.3a1 was an attempt to get back on track;
the 0.2 beta phase became much longer than I expected, and loads of
features made their way into the library (we do apologize for the
inconvenience) without the few remaining 0.2 issues being resolved.
And when I redesigned the Tk interface to support transparency, and
added support for floating point data, I found it somewhat hard to
continue calling it 0.2...

  As for 0.3, I now have a well defined list of things to look at
before 0.3b1 (mid June), and there will probably be no more releases
before 0.3 final (end of June).  So for the Mac, you can just sit back
and wait for 0.3b1.

  The next release may be named 0.3.1 or 0.4, I don't really know...

Cheers	/F

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