[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Save a 5 bit gif as a 5 bit gif?

John Lehmann (SSASyd) LEHMANNJ@saatchi.com.au
Tue, 10 Jun 97 20:29:00 S


I have a large 32 colour (5bit) gif (a map), from which I crop a smaller   
image in response to a click (zooming in on a square of an image-map).

When I save this smaller image as a GIF, PIL seems to default to using an   
8-bit palette (filling the remaining space with shades of grey) which has   
the side effect of making the smaller image about 55k - almost as big as   
the original.  As a 5-bit image, the gif is more like 15k.  However, I   
cannot find any obvious way of setting the bit depth that I want for the   

I tried looking through the source but got confused.  There does seem to   
be some support for setting the bit depth of a gif... is this likely to   
turn out to be a fruitful line of inquiry?

John J Lehmann--lehmannj@saatchi.com.au

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