[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] PNG support (was: Save a 5 bit gif as a 5 bit gif?)

Christian Tismer tismer@appliedbiometrics.com
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 16:12:48 +0200


> The ZIP (aka deflate) compression (used in ZLIB, PNG, PDF,
> recent Microsoft apps, various ZIP applications, squeeze, and
> everyone else) is (most likely) patent free.
> So, wherever you possible can, use PNG instead of GIF.

> Unfortunately, too many browsers still don't support it
> (MSIE 4 does, Netscape doesn't).

Just on this one: I use the NS Communicator 4.0 now, and it performs
very well yet, as far I can tell from 4 days. Also the mailer is much 
improved, can use HTML, and has mutlltiple users and rules to file
your mail from the inboy automatically.

There is a PNG plugin for it from SIEGEL & GALE:
They have it for W95, NT and Power Mäc.
I didn't try it yet, but people might like to know it.

Uh, if I had time to write my own Plugin for NS..

There's another one: Did you ever look at FIF? Fractal
imaging? I have no idea what the policy is, but the images
are great and scalable. http://www.iterated.com
I follow this development since years now, but they didn't 
break through.

> Cheers /F (yet another idiot ;-)

I'm in the club :-]

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