[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Damned with a DECstation...

Fredrik Lundh fredrik_lundh@ivab.se
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 10:04:22 +0100

> The header files supplied by DEC do not appear to define any of the
> terms needed by the "are we bigendian" check in the configure file
> for libImaging.  This causes the thing to give up with a (very
> useful!) complaint about failing to cross-compile. Unfortunately,
> the contents of a configure script seem especially designed to drive
> me batty trying to understand them, so I haven't been able to
> produce a fix. I know this is probably a vain plea, but does anyone
> out there have any useful ideas?

Argh!  Try skipping the automatic configuration and hack the config
files yourself (but if you don't have an ANSI compiler for your
DECstation, you're out of luck anyway...)

> As a separate issue, I have the JPEG and PNG libraries, but I do not
> keep them in /usr/local (a daft Unicisim if ever there was one [I
> can't *believe* my spell checker didn't have "daft" in it!]). I
> tried several simple things to see if I could get the thing to find
> the relevant libraries, but to no avail - is this still one of the
> things unadressed in the configuration? (I note from the SIG
> archives that there were some problems with this in the early
> days?).

Well, I'm not an autoconf wizard, so I don't really know how to solve
that.  Have made some vague attempts to add -with-jpeg=dir to 0.2b5,
but never got them to work very good (especially if you first use them
and then just do ./configure).  If there's any autoconf experts out
there, please step forward.

> (And having looked at the archives I now want to know what happened
> with the satellite imaging stuff people were talking about - now
> *that* might be of interest to several people here...)

I have a simple a simple visualizer framework in my book.  However,
the earlier discussions included geometrical transformations, some-
thing that PIL isn't really capable of as for now.

But displaying already transformed data, with map overlays, pixel
query tools, etc, is pretty straightforward with PIL and Tk (some
useful tools: transform(EXTENT), ImageTk.Bitmap(), the (completely
undocumented) ImagePath module).

Cheers	/F (http://hem1.passagen.se/eff)

PS.  You know, when I started the book project, I thought I'd be idle
at work, just hacking a little C++ and getting out at five, so I could
really focus on Python on my spare time.  Instead, they've thrown some
pretty large Python projects at me at work...  haven't had much time
working on PIL and related stuff lately, but that'll get better soon.

I hope.

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