[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] ImageMagick Module

Zachary_Roadhouse@brown.edu Zachary_Roadhouse@brown.edu
Tue, 20 May 1997 16:53:28 -0400 (EDT)

Hello all!  This release will hopefully wet your appetite.  I've added
most of the functionality of PerlMagick -- only a few methods remain
undefined.  I've also added routines to convert to the PIL image
format (so you can display them using Tk) and to Numeric arrays.  A
web page has been created, and the author of ImageMagick is very
excited about this.

PythonMagick is my first C-extension, so I need feedback!

Here is the readme:

PythonMagick v0.1a4

This is a C-Extension module for Python which gives it the image
processing power of the ImageMagick imaging library.  Routines are
included to convert from the MagickImage type to PIL Images and Numeric
arrays.  Have fun!

Documentation can be found at:


Look for more releases in:


You'll need to get the ImageMagick distribution. It can be found at:


The following have yet to be implimented:

Display (well -- have a hack), Annotate, Charcoal, Clone, Draw, Map,
Trim, Wave

All the Set methods


Multiple image handling

Questions, comments, contributions to zack@lems.brown.edu


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