[PYTHON IMAGE-SIG] Should this work?

Zachary_Roadhouse@brown.edu Zachary_Roadhouse@brown.edu
Wed, 21 May 1997 17:19:43 -0400 (EDT)

While trying to play with conversion between PIL and Magick images, I
ran into the following problem:

def ImageToPIL(img):
    """Converts to a PIL Image"""
    import Image

    out = Image.new(img.mode,img.size)

    return out

Since Magick and PIL images have similar interfaces this should
work for both.  When I try to do this with a PIL image of mode 'P', 
it breaks.  Is there a way to force a PIL image into 'RGB' mode
before conversion?  I would like to do this in order to convert
from a PIL image to a Magick image by:

img = Magick.image()

I'm guessing that the palette stuff doesn't work. When will it?


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