[IMAGE-SIG] Are there any font rasterizers supported by PIL?

Fred L. Drake Fred L. Drake, Jr." <fdrake@CNRI.Reston.Va.US
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:19:34 -0400

Hannu Krosing writes:
 > Are there any font rasterizers supported by PIL?
 > I mean either Type1 (which could be lifted from the XFree font server)
 > or TrueType (using the freetype library)?

  There's a new TrueType rasterizer from the freetype project;
information is available at
http://www.physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de/~robert/freetype.html.  The
current state is labelled "beta", and I've not had a chance to look at
it.  It might be usable.
  There's a Type1 rasterizer calle T1Lib based in part on the X11 Type1
rasterizer, which is currently at "0.3-beta".  (Only a little farther
along than PIL itself, if version numbers mean anything. ;)  It looks
pretty cool; I was just planning to work up a quick Python extension
for it while my wife & kids are visiting her parents.  We'll see if I
actually get to it.  Once done, I'll announce it to the Image-SIG for
preliminary testing.  Since it supports antialiased text, it might be
good to have as a Canvas item type as well; maybe it should be a
Tk-level extension?


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