[IMAGE-SIG] image sequnece in one Tk-window ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik.lundh@image.combitech.se
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 10:49:53 +0200

>Is there a way to display images in one single 
>Tk-window with pil ?  Or is there another way 
>except pil to manage it ?

1. Create an ImageTk.PhotoImage object (typically from the image
you want to display)

2. Display it as usual in a label or on a canvas.

3. To update what's displayed, paste the new contents into the
PhotoImage object, and call update_idletasks on the widget (if
you don't call update_idletasks, the widget is updated when Tk
finds the time).

For information on how to read sequence formats (GIF, FLI, TIFF,
etc), see the handbook, available at:


Cheers /F

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