[IMAGE-SIG] Centering strings on an image

E.M.L. emlist@braznet.com.br
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:36:13 -0300

We develop sites of a variety of utilities and the main reason i am
migrating to python was due to the database and mathematical handlings.
As commercial sites however depend a great part on the visual, there are
a few things i would like need to know.

- As in my earlier mail, is there a way to set the font colors of the
  string to be stamped onto an image? if yes, what is the logical
  behind the setink function? how do i set color like pure red, blue
  or even other complex colors or patterns?

- Is there currently a way to center a string to be stamped onto an
  image? if not, any idea of how this could be done in the future?

i guess these basical functions (if not implemented yet) would add
two great tools for the day-a-day jobs with image processing.

kindest regards
paulo b. bloedorn
Braznet Brazilian Network

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