[Image-SIG] PIL 0.3a4 binary

Russell A.Shotts rshotts@usinternet.com
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:26:57 -0500


I've been looking for a way to update individual pixels in an RGB image, but
I have not had any success with the binary distribution of PIL 0.3a1 from
the python.org download page.  Based upon a quick look at the 0.3a4 source I
grabbed from the PythonWare page, it appears that the latest version
supports this operation via ImageDraw.

First, can anyone confirm that this operation is supported in 0.3a4?  (Or
can you tell me an alternative way to do it in 0.3a1?)

Second, is there an existing "official" 0.3a4 binary distribution for
Windows 95?  (If it matters, I am using Python 1.5 with TK 8.0p2)

Finally, if I must rebuild, I appear to need JPEG and ZLIB source.  Do I
need anything else?

Russ Shotts -- rshotts@usinternet.com