[Image-SIG] Re: [PSA MEMBERS] Python 1.5.2 core dumps on Linux

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 18:41:47 +0100

>On my Linux box, running Python 1.5.2b1 and PIL-0.3b2, I repeatably
>get the following core-dump:

>#0  0x8077563 in PyObject_Print (op=0x8111f7d, fp=0x80dde40, flags=0) at object.c:178
>178                     else if (op->ob_type->tp_print == NULL) {

I came up with one bright idea after another, but they all
turned out to be bogus...  Guess I have to do some serious
testing to see if I can get the same behaviour...

Just one small question: does "op->ob_type" point to some-
thing strange, or is it NULL ?
Cheers /F