[Image-SIG] PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT: PIL 1.0 beta 1

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 19:02:32 +0100

the code base for PIL 1.0b1 (formerly known as
0.3b3, or "The Library That's Always In Beta") is
now frozen on Windows.  we'll test it on a few
Unix boxes early next week, and a source kit
should be available before the end of next


from the CHANGES file:

-- colour quantization (that is, select the best
possible palette for a given true colour image,
or for a group of images)
-- bilinear and bicubic interpolation
-- fancy new transforms: quad, mesh
-- arc, chord, pieslice, ellipse drawing primitives
-- xv thumbnail reader
-- tons of bug fixes
-- no need to hack Tk to make it display PIL
images (if you have Python 1.5.2, at least, and
don't care that much about best possible per-

many thanks to all contributors (you know
who you are!)


the final 1.0 version should be out there
before the end of January.

...and a happy new year to you all...

Cheers /F