[IMAGE-SIG] CDX python for writing games

David Ascher da@skivs.ski.org
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:35:09 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Ed Phillips wrote:

> I've heard of MGL... is it any good?  Is the Python interface shaping up?
> I'd like to find out more.  I saw a review of MGL on www.egerter.com (a
> non-free competitor so it's biased) that kinda cut MGL to pieces - of
> course: they're trying to sell PowerRender,WGT,etc.

Re: MGL: works for me.  Some problems because of the stupidity of DirectX
support on NT (microsoft's fault -- they don't allow MGL to find out about
VBL, but that's not a problem for most folks).  It's easy to use, plenty
fast enough for what I do, and the documentation is very good.  The
price is definitely right.  I'll look at the review, but I'm happy with it
so far.

> I was thinking about SWIG... but I'm not really sure CDX is that
> complicated - and it's in C++ so it won't be as simple as just making
> interfaces for python to call C routines.  I'll need to make some python
> classes, some python functiions, and make some C++ to create CDX and
> manage the CDX objects and do things that really need to be as fast as
> possible (like blit a list of sprites, blit the background, etc.).  If
> you're interested, CDX is at http://www.maidex.demon.co.uk/.  It's really
> a nice package and easy to program in C++... but I like to be able to
> edit/run/edit/run without all the waiting to compile, etc., and hopefully
> python+CDX will make all the nasty Windows+DirectX stuff disappear! 8-)

I'll look at CDX, definitely. SWIG can deal with a fair bit of C++ parsing
which may make it easier than you think -- it makes shadow classes in
Python, etc., etc.  I can't stress how great a tool SWIG is.


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