[Image-SIG] initial PIL 0.3b1 compile notes.

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <arb@connect.com.au>
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:09:11 +1000

Following are random notes from building PIL on Solaris 2.5.1.

had some annoyances with libImaging, caused by libz being a shared library,
and configure's stupidity in not adding the library given by --with-zlib
to either a -R option, or LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I'd also like to see the hardcoded:
JPEGINCLUDE=        /usr/local/include 
removed from Makefile.in, and made an option to configure...

The README file talks about a "test" directory - this doesn't seem to
be in the distribution - neither does the "Lib" directory.

ImageFont still seems to be broken - I'll put more about this in a 
seperate message...

Other things I'd like to see added/fixed in PIL [1] 

I'd like to see it made a package - right now, you can either rebuild
your python interpreter to set a new sys.path, or dump all the files in
the site directory. ew.

Can the "pilplot" package (which I picked up from Fredrik somewhere along
the line) be added to the standard distribution?

Enough for now,

[1] and which, given an infinite supply of round tuits, I'd fix myself