[Image-SIG] initial PIL 0.3b1 compile notes.

Richard Jones richard.jones@BoM.GOV.AU
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 01:11:56 +0000

Anthony Baxter wrote:
> Following are random notes from building PIL on Solaris 2.5.1.

    I'm on HPUX 10.20.

> had some annoyances with libImaging, caused by libz being a shared library,
> and configure's stupidity in not adding the library given by --with-zlib
> to either a -R option, or LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

    Yeh, I end up linking statically to get around these hassles.

> I'd also like to see the hardcoded:
> JPEGINCLUDE=        /usr/local/include 
> removed from Makefile.in, and made an option to configure...

    Yeh, the configure and make really only seems to work (I assume) if 
the jpeg and zlib libraries are in /usr/local or in the system path 
somewhere, and therefore aren't reliant upon configure command-line 
options. For example, my configure line of:

      configure --with-jpeg=/opt/jpeg-6 --with-zlib=/opt/zlib-1.1.2

    doesn't work. (Note that I'm on HPUX and the configure line is also 
prefixed with CC="cc -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE" *blech*).

    Anyway, I'm back to editing the Makefile by hand just like The Old 
Days :)

    Does anyone know the appropriate configure magic to make this work?