[Image-SIG] PIL install confusion

Maureen Stone stone@parc.xerox.com
Fri, 15 May 1998 14:25:48 PDT

Your imaging library looks great and I would like to use it.  I have
installed PythonWin 1.5.1 and want to add the imaging library to it.
I'm really only interested in reading and writing image files, not the
Tkinter display part.

The problem is, I can't tell what to load from your description.  What I
installed from the python site is called g32d301p.exe, 5.8M, created
3/5/98.  I double-click on it, it installs, I can now run PythonWin.  If
I say "import Image" it says "module not found" so I clearly need to
load something more.

The 0.2b3 binary release on your site is a zip file containing many
files and, to me, cryptic instructions on how to install them.  I have
no idea where my Python and program search paths are in Win95, and I've
loaded python15.dll, not python14.dll.  I could put all these files and
directories in the same place I put PythonWin, stick the dll's into
C:/windows/system and hope for the best, but I don't really know what
I'm doing.

So I looked for a version with an installer and found a file also called
g32d301p.exe which claims to be python 1.4, PIL and TK.  It's clearly
different than the one I loaded (different size and date), but I'm using
python 1.5. And, how do I make sure PythonWin calls this one?  Pick it
up and move it into the same directory I currently have a python.exe?

Suggestions?  I realize I may have caught you between python updates,
and I'm sorry I'm not more savvy about paths, dll's and the like.  What
I would really like is a single file that will install PIL so that it
will coexist with my currently installed PythonWin.