[Image-SIG] PIL install confusion

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Mon, 18 May 1998 09:51:06 +0100

>The problem is, I can't tell what to load from your description.  What I
>installed from the python site is called g32d301p.exe, 5.8M, created
>3/5/98.  I double-click on it, it installs, I can now run PythonWin.  If
>I say "import Image" it says "module not found" so I clearly need to
>load something more.

there's a PIL for 1.5 available at the official download site:


(I haven't made that package myself, and don't have time to look
at it myself -- if you're really stuck, and no one else on this list
can help, comp.lang.python is probably the best place to ask)

The only available all-in-one-package solution is pythonware.com's
"core" distribution (currently 1.4, I'm afraid):


Cheers /F