[Image-SIG] Is there anything else for Unix that can read WMF fiels?

William Kendrick nbs@sonic.net
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 11:50:33 -0800 (PST)

Hi - my name's Bill Kendrick, and I'm looking for something that can
open and convert Windows Meta Files (WMF's) to something more standard
(GIF, PPM, etc.).

There's of course zillions of Windows95/NT programs which do this.
The only thing that's come even CLOSE for Unix/Linux is "PIL."
Unfortunately, not only am I not positive that PIL would do what I need,
I don't really want to install the entire Python package (which I'm
totally UNfamiliar with as it is!) on my little PC, just to read clipart
off of a Windows95 CD! :)

So, since I see that opening WMF files has been done in Python, I wonder
if you happen to know if there's anything else out there that does it?
(Say, "wmftoppm" or something? :) )

Or, convince me that Python isn't really all that scarey, and in fact
worth it.

Thanks a lot!