[Image-SIG] Duh.. Python was already installed

Charles G Waldman cgw@pgt.com
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 01:22:23 -0500 (EST)

William Kendrick writes:
 > Sorry to be such a newbie/baby at all this. :)  I went form Atari 8-bit
 > to Mac System 7 to Windows 95 to Linux, so from semi-hard to insanely easy and
 > now back to hard. :)

I wouldn't say that the difficulties you are having are so much due to
the fact that Linux is hard, but rather that you are playing with a
piece of software (PIL) which is still a beta-release and has some
bugs in it.  Uncovering these bugs is part of the beta-testing

 > 5/home/kendrick/Imaging-0.3b2/Scripts>python viewer.py ENCLOSE.WMF 
 >     im.load(1)
 > TypeError: too many arguments;   expected 1, got 2
 > Exception exceptions.AttributeError: '_PhotoImage__photo' in <method PhotoImage.__del__ of PhotoImage instance at 81cde40> ignored

I am able to reproduce this, so I'd say this is apparently a bug in
the Wmf plugin.  I hadn't noticed this before since I never use WMF
files.  Thanks for reporting this bug.  I will try to take a look into

 > And how about this?
 > 6/home/kendrick/Imaging-0.3b2/Scripts>python viewer.py checks.gif 
 > TclError: invalid command name "PyImagingPhoto"

This is a configuration/setup problem.  In order to have support for
PIL images in Tk, Python's "tkappinit.c" needs to be compiled with
"WITH_PIL" #defined (i.e. you have to recompile Python.  Yes, this is
somewhat of a pain).  See "Modules/Setup" in the Python distribution,
and also the section on "Adding Tkinter support" in the README file
in the PIL distribution.  Hopefully this will be simplified in a
future release of PIL.

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