[Image-SIG] PIL still alive?

Joseph J. Strout joe@strout.net
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:56:23 -0800

I just downloaded a fresh copy of (Mac) Python with PIL.  The Read Me sez:

>I've decided to skip the 0.2final, and instead update the version
>number to reflect the large number of new features that made their
>way into the library during the 0.2 beta phase.  To compensate, I
>plan to make a quick test cycle for 0.3.  There will probably be only
>one beta (including the handbook), in mid-June, followed by a
>0.3final towards the end of the month.

That was in June of 1997, a year and a half ago.  What's the deal?
(There's no indication of who "I" refers to, and the only address given was
this image-sig one.)

What happened to PIL?  Did it just get dropped for lack of interest?  Or
has it actually been updated in the last 1.5 years, and I somehow grabbed
an old version?

-- Joe

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