[Image-SIG] PIL still alive?

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@cwi.nl
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 00:02:26 +0100

Recently, Charles G Waldman <cgw@pgt.com> said:
> Joseph J. Strout writes:
>  > That was in June of 1997, a year and a half ago.  What's the deal?
>  > (There's no indication of who "I" refers to, and the only address given wa
> s
>  > this image-sig one.)
> Frederik Lundh announced the availability of version 1.0b1 just a few
> days ago.

... and the MacPython 1.5.2b1 distribution, which Just is packaging as 
we speak, will contain it. Absolutely untested, but hey, that's what
beta software is, isn't it? :-)

Seriously: I would really like it if there was some sort of automatic
test suite for PIL. Nothing fancy, but something that would check that 
the basic functionality was there, sort of similar to what the python
test.autotest does. It shouldn't be too hard, I guess, to do some
operations on a 2x2 image or something similarly small that at least
show that things don't crash immedeately. This would really help my
confidence tests before doing a Mac distribution.
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