[Image-SIG] Creating HUGE images...

Kevin Cazabon KCAZA@cymbolic.com
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 12:28:00 -0700

I'm trying to develop an easy method to create images much larger than the memory
available on the host computer, and have one big question:

-Is there any way to create a NEW image on the hard drive (with blank background)
without first creating it in memory?  This way, I can create the 'canvas' as large as
I want, and paste in small chunks of data manually as I go, staying within the memory
limits of the machine.  (Writing to an existing file shouldn't be a problem, just
creating the blank file in the first place is causing me problems)

I know I can read small sections of an image file at a time, using Fred's earlier
suggestion of modifying the .tile attribute.  What I really need now is same thing
for writing to a file.


Kevin Cazabon.