[Image-SIG] PIL 1.0b1 bug confirmation wanted

Roger Burnham rburnham@cri-inc.com
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 18:05:48 -800

On 17 Jun 99, at 18:34, Andrew M. Kuchling mused:

> PIL 1.0b1 seems to have problems generating PNG files; I can replicate
> it, but want to verify that other people see the bug too.  Here's how
> to reproduce it:

On Win95:

   Paint Shop Pro 4.12 says "An unknown filter type was encountered"
   IrfanView 3.0 says "PNG Decode error!"
   IE5 chugs for a while, then silently displays nothing, as does Netscape 4.5.
   Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 says "Error reading file" after getting thru about  
     80% of its progress bar.

(locally built _imaging.dll, with zlib 1.1.3).


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