[Image-SIG] PIL: Images from C-Extension?

Sven Havemann s.havemann@tu-bs.de
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:58:00 +0100

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fredrik_lundh@ivab.se is invalid??
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Subject: PIL: Images from C-Extension?
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Hi, Fredrik!

We're currently developing a radio wave field strength prediction tool
and would like to display the results using Python/Tkinter/PIL. - Now we
have a C-Extension module that performs the time-critical calculation
and produces a bitmap as a C-data-structure.

How can we display this with PIL?

We're currently reading the sources to find a hook; but the problem is
to get into PIL's colour and image administration procedures. I.e. what
we'd like to do is something like

im=Image.new("RGB", 300, 300)

We'll certainly get to this, but our question is:

Is there something like a tutorial example which demonstrates image
transferral from C? 

Greetings, Sven.

PS. PIL is _very_ cool.

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