[Image-SIG] TIFF compatibility problems with PIL 1.0b

Kevin Cazabon KCAZA@cymbolic.com
Thu, 06 May 1999 03:09:18 -0700

I'm having a few problems with TIFF files that I create using PIL.

It seems that the TIFF files I save are fine when I load them into Photoshop, but they are totally incompatible with many other programs, including PIL!  (i.e. I can create a TIF, but cannot reload it into PIL, although it works fine in Photoshop).

Any suggestions, or ideas as to why this may be happening?  If I load the image into Photoshop and resave it, it works fine in PIL, etc.  I'll attach a sample if anyone would like to see it  (this ALWAYS happens, I'm using Win98).

Kevin Cazabon