[Image-SIG] Couple of small problems with the Python Imaging Library, any suggestions?

ken ken@be.com
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 15:44:51 GMT

Hi all. I've just started using PIL, and have encountered the following 

1) Under win 98, when I run the included "setup.bat", which sets some 
environment variables, I get an "Out of environment space" from the DOS 
shell on
the last two commands, which are attempting to set the TCL_LIBRARY and 
variables. This is with the precompiled Python/Tk/Pil distro. Anyone 
else seen this?

2) I have PIL compiled and installed under Linux, but am getting a link 
error off of
an X library, I think--says it can't find XPixMap, or something to that 
effect. I'll look
into this in more detail, but though I might post this in case this is 
a well know problem.