[Image-SIG] Use of FFT with PIL objects??

Jeff Nash jknash@llnl.gov
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 08:34:03 -0700

Les Schaffer sent me some code which does a data transfer to and from PIL
data structures using the tostring / fromstring functions. It works very
well and I'm playing with it now. Transfer to Numeric is easy from that

I was not aware previous to this that PIL is internally oriented around 8
bit pixel values.  I'm interested in working with 12 bit grayscale scanned
images at very high resolution.  For the moment my scans are still at the 8
bit level so I can use the present implementations, but I wonder about how
to proceed once I have the higher bit depth.  Adobe Photoshop has very
limited capability at greater than 8 bit depth, so PIL looked like a good
path - especially since I have numeric processing in mind.  Does anyone
have a solution to this?

Thanks everyone for the useful suggestions!  This SIG is a very good
resource for beginning / occasional users.

Jeff Nash