[Image-SIG] dycom.py - DICOM from python

Michael A. Miller mmiller3@iupui.edu
09 Aug 2000 18:29:01 -0500

I've created a rather crude wrapper around David A. Clunie's
dicom3tools (http://idt.net/~dclunie/dicom3tools.html).
dycom.DICOM is a class that allows one to use a small subset of
the dicom3tools from within python. Plus, it let me satisfy my
urge for a cute play-on-python type name.

An example of usage: MeasureDICOM.py (html) uses dycom.DICOM and
tkinter to help me find the distance between two points in an

Both can be found at http://php.iupui.edu/~mmiller3/python. 

Regards, Mike

Michael A. Miller                      mmiller3@iupui.edu
  Krannert Institute of Cardiology, IU School of Medicine
  Indiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine