[Image-SIG] Large PCD image sizes and PIL

Juha Ylitalo juha.o.ylitalo@nokia.com
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:07:22 +0300

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Currently PIL (v1.1) supports only small PhotoCD (=PCD) resolutions
(=192x128, 384x256 and 768x512). Is their any on-going work to get
bigger resolutions (=1536x1024 and 3072x2048) supported as well or are
there some known reasons, why it wouldn't be possible ?

I am wondering it because, I have small python application for merging
PhotoCD pictures and bunch of configuration files into HTML and jpg
based photo album (its sort of exercise for me:). I am currently using
pcdtoppm (-j) from xpcd (http://www.strusel007.de/linux/xpcd.html) to
make pcd to jpg convertions, but I would still like to replace it with
PIL stuff, if possible.

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