[Image-SIG] question and bug?

Mike Coleman mcoleman2@kc.rr.com
08 Dec 2000 13:18:09 -0600

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik@pythonware.com> writes:
> > Ack, that's what I was missing.  This function 'putpixel' isn't documented
> putpixel is a method of the Image class, and it's documented
> along with all other methods for that class:
> http://www.pythonware.com/library/pil/handbook/image.htm

I was looking at the Handbook available on this page, which seemed to be the
only obvious available documentation.


It'd be a help to PIL newbies like me if out-of-date docs got zapped, or at
least clearly marked as obsolete.

> as other have pointed out, it's much more efficient to do "bulk
> updates" via putdata and/or fromstring...  (to update a subregion,
> you can create a new image and paste it into the original).

I get it, thanks.


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