[Image-SIG] Python-icones

Rob W. W. Hooft rob@hooft.net
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 08:53:19 +0100

>>>>> "sp" == sandrine pascaud <sandrine.pascaud@syseca.thomson-csf.com> writes:

 sp> Is there somebody to explain me how to put an icon (small image
 sp> in gif format or any other if required) in the window border
 sp> (Window Manager border). Is it possible ? Is it possible to
 sp> disable the "close" button in the WM border too ?

These are functions that are part of the task of the Window
Manager. The answer will be different for different window
managers. Some Window Managers can be extended in python, and in such
cases PIL might help you to get an icon in the window border.  Please
refer to the WM documentation for the WM that you are using for help.


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