[Image-SIG] Image Resize Problem

Giulio borrini@libero.it
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 18:20:15 +0100

Hi guys,

this is my first message..
I've a problem with the resize of a jpeg.
The original image is very big with a resolution of 150 pixel per inch.
I use this to resize:
pip = pip.resize((dimenx,dimeny),Image.BICUBIC)
enhancer = ImageEnhance.Sharpness(pip)
pip = enhancer.enhance(fact)

The problem is that the resulting image is very bad
(i can see the pixel or is too blur depending of "fact" ) quality and have a
resolution of 72 pixel per inch.

How can i manain the original resolution and have a good quality even on
image of 1/10 size of the original???

Thanks in advance.


Giulio Borrini
Web Programmer
Netbuilder Snc