[Image-SIG] VC++ Workspace and DLLs for PIL/Py2.0

Les Schaffer Les Schaffer <schaffer@optonline.net>
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:29:10 -0500 (EST)

I have uploaded a couple packages for compiling PIL (Imaging-1.1.1)
with Python 2.0 to:


The zip files include a a MS VC++ workspace file and a pair of VC++
project files for building _imaging.dll and _imagingtk.dll. The
packages also include all the header file you need to use zlib, tk,
and jpeg, the latter of which needed some minor changes. Only one PIL
file, ImPlatform.h, needed slight modification in order to compile.

One of the packages also includes compiled versions of the two imaging
DLLs and also includes all the libs and DLLs needed for using
tk/zlib/jpeg. [ i assume i havent broken any rules by distributing
these files. if so let me know and i will learn the rules fast.]

To use, simply unpack the PIL package from pythonware into your Python
directory and then unpack one of these two zip files into the the very
same python directory. Be sure to let ImPlatform.h be overwritten. The
workspace file lives in [your python root]\Imaging-1.1.1\PILBuild

Let me know if there are problems using these packages.

les schaffer

p.s. come to think of it, these files should work with Python 1.5.2 as
well, but i haven't tried. If anyone does and succeeds, please let me
know. Thanks.