[Image-SIG] Gif transparencies

Jesse W jessw@ritchie.loop.com
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:24:56 +0000

	How does the transparency support work for 
Gif files using Pil?  I am making a card game, and I need to display 
some pictures of cards in Tkinter. The card images have a little 
border arround them, and I wish to make it trasparent so I can 
overlap the images cleanly.
	I looked in the handbook and searched the 
website, but I only came up with hints about having a 
'transparency' attribute in the info dictionary. I think I just 
need to assign something(maybe a palette number(whatever that is)) 
to the transparency attribute of the image's info dictionary, but 
I dont' know how to do that or what exactly that is.  Does anyone 
have any help with this?
                                Thank you for your time,
                                                Jesse W