[Image-SIG] How can I get Python to recognise the ijg jpeg libraries?

Hannu Krosing hannu@tm.ee
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 01:01:35 +0200

Robert Moloney wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I get Python to recognise the ijg jpeg libraries?
>         I have Suse linux 6.1 I used RPM files to install PIL and Python.
> The IJG Jpeg libraries were alreay on the machine. When I try to
> manipulate a jpeg file it gives a decode error -2. When I do a
> dir(_imaging) jpeg_decoder and jpeg_encoder appear in the list.
There seems to be something wrong with rpm-s ;(

I had to solve the same problem yesterday for using Zope's Photo product.
I did it on RH6.1

That's what I had to do.

download the PIL 1.0 tar.gz from it's homesite

extract it

cd libImaging

cd ..

make -f Makefile.pre.in.boot

If you don't want TK support or there are conflicts (as I had) then edit the 
resulting Makefile and remove all references to tkImaging and 
other tcl/tk stuff (just uncommenting it from Setup.in won't work, complains 
about *noobject* somewhere)

copy the stuff to /usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages/PIL as instructed by

It could be wise to run 
python -c "import
to compile all the python modules in PIL while you are root