[Image-SIG] Future of PIL

Alden Lavizzo ALavizzio@quark.com
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 10:05:28 -0700

I'm curious about the future development of PIL.  What are the major things
we can expect in the next couple of years?  (e.g., Is there work towards
version 2, and if so, what are the main features being developed?  Is it
possible that the licensing agreement could change in future versions?)

I remember reading somewhere that a commercial version of PIL is in
development.  Is this the same thing as PIL Plus?  (If yes, ignore the
following questions).  Will this replace the current, free version now
available (as far as future development and maintenance are concerned)?
Could I get an estimate of how much would be charged for it?

I have these concerns because PIL is being considered for commercial use.
How feasible this is depends on these questions.  I am aware of PIL Plus,
and would also like to know how that fits into the equation (or if that is
the simple answer to all these questions...).

Alden Lavizzo