[Image-SIG] trouble using PIL on windows

Jeffrey Kunce kuncej@mail.conservation.state.mo.us
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 11:23:16 -0600

>Hi.  Thanks for the advice.  I put the _imaging.dll in the python root
>directory (i.e. d:\python).  It still won't load.  When I type:

I had these same problems (just on Win98 - NT works fine out of the box)
I tried so many things, that I can't remember what finally fixed it :-(

Try this:

1) unzip the PIL distribution (I have pil-win32-991101.zip) into a scratch
directory. You will get a folder "py152" containing:
  PIL (folder)
  Scripts (folder)

2) move  the Scripts folder, _imaging.dll, and  _tkinter.pyd  into the PIL =

3) move the PIL folder and PIL.pth to your python root directory
 (c:\program files\python\ or wherever).

4) search out any other files named _imaging.dll, _imaging.pyd,=20
 _tkinter.dll, or  _tkinter.pyd  that might possibly be on your python =
or on your system path. Move them somewhere python can't find them.
(I got so frustrated, I moved them to a floppy).

5) see if PIL will run

Good luck!