[Image-SIG] trouble using PIL on windows

Jeffrey Kunce kuncej@mail.conservation.state.mo.us
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 12:41:09 -0600

>Hi Jeff.  Thanks for the advice.  I am running nt, and no luck.  I also
>tried your suggestions, and that doesn't seem to work either.

below is another idea, that was posted recently to comp.lang.python

>Does anyone seem to know why there are these problems with the PIL =
>None of the other modules I've used have been this difficult to setup?

Good question. It only seems to happen to some installations, so I'm
guessing that the PIL gurus either can't reproduce the problem,
or believe its only because of newbie ignorance.


********  from comp.lang.python  ******** =20

>Try putting this line at the top of  Image.py (into the PIL directory):
>import FixTk
>The problem here is that _imaging.dll can't find your tcl/tk installation,=

>with the line above python must find it for you.
>Prior to Python 1.5.2 you needed to set some environtment variables
>to find tcl/tk and _imaging is still working in that way.
>A question for the SecretLab People: Why _imaging.dll is linked
>to the tcl/tk DLLs ? That means that PIL did t work without tcl/tk?
>Cristian Echeverria