[Image-SIG] PIL 1.1; Compiling Fonts

Paul Weihrauch ENVI-GmbH@t-online.de
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:18:08 +0200

Hi to all,

I just started to use PIL. I want to use it for dynamicly produced
in the WEB (priority GIF-Files).
My first problem was to find any *.pil files in my system (SuSe Linux
Luckilly I've find some *.bdf files in my Star-Office-Distribution. So I 
started to compile them using  bdf2pil.py. The effect was, that I've got 
several error messages:

In line 115,116 I've got a key error because the font description string 
in Star-Office uses lower-case syntax and the slant and spacing
in bdf2pil.py use uppercase. Ok, no problem:

row 115:       font[4] = bdf_slant[font[4]]
is changed to: font[4] = bdf_slant[string.upper(font[4])]


row 116:       font[11] = bdf_spacing[font[4]]
is changed to: font[11] = bdf_spacing[string.upper(font[11])]

The next one was little bit harder for me:
row 155:       d = Image.core.hex_decoder("1") comes with an error:
      TypeError: function requires exactly 2 arguments;1 given
I've changed this line to:
               d = Image.core.hex_decoder("1","1")

Now it works, but I don't know why. Is there anybody with similar

I'm looking for "ready-to-use" PIL-fonts. Are there any?

Is it possible to draw text vertically or better in any angle?
Is someone working on an extension to PIL, to make that possible?

Thanks for all answers