[Image-SIG] RFC: Including PIL in 1.6

Bob Klimek robert.klimek@grc.nasa.gov
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 11:24:51 -0400

In general I like the idea. Wouldn't have to install a separate package.
But what about contributions and improvements? How would they get into
the system?

You'd need to also provide a good canvas to display the images on.
Piddle has a good one I hear.

"Eric S. Raymond" wrote:
> I think it's time to consider including PIL in the core Python 1.6 release.
> I've been following the work being done over there, and I believe the
> code has reached a sufficient level of maturity to justify this.
> The "Batteries are included" philosophy seems to me to imply that we
> ought to be looking for application libraries to promote into the core
> once we're satisfied that they meet core-Pythonic standards of good
> API design, stability, general usefulness, and documentation quality.
> PIL seems to me like a good candidate on all counts.
> Guido has to make the final call, of course.  But let's have the discussion
> now so we can develop a yea or nay consensus on ther list.
Robert B. Klimek
NASA Glenn Research Center